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The timing the place, the situation or the people around you may not be perfect, but you are! There is a great beauty in these moments and The Universe always guides you to

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Saul Audio Blog for Tuesday august 19th

Humanity’s awakening has been divinely promised and is at hand.  Nothing can prevent it because not only is it God’s Will, which is always achieved, but it is now also humanity’s collective will, and because you were given free will your will is always honored.  Until quite recently individual wills, divided and confused as they were, had made humanity’s collective will very difficult to discern.  It was collectively unstable, changeable, confused, conflicted, and chaotic, but now it is coming beautifully into alignment and is determinedly seeking world peace, person by person.  Although, if you pay too much attention to the gloom and doom on the news media, you might well believe that nothing much has altered, and that humanity’s endless dance with conflict and betrayal continues unabated.

However, over the last several decades, with the vast increase in educational opportunities for large sections…

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Oracles and Healers:

What a marvelous new tool! Amazing! And the reason for all of the messages for sure. Thank you,, Aisha.

Originally posted on aisha north:

Dear brothers and sisters of the light!

Even before I sat down to channel today’s message, I could tell from the energies coming in that something “new” had arrived. And when I sat down and connected to The constant companions, they confirmed that this was indeed the case, and here is the message they gave me:
“Today’s message will be given not just by way of words, but also in images, some of which will be supplied by others frequenting these pages. In other words, think of this as a truly co-creative experience, where words are being given through the usual channel, but where each and every one of your reading these words will be asked to connect with the energy contained within them and then try to open up for any additional information that will come your way, either directly into your mind or through other sources out there…

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Originally posted on The Creator Writings:

Keeping your eyes open is easy. Catching those, sometimes, elusive moments of miracle may take

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Beloved Ones,

It is a glorious time for planet Earth as she goes through the next phase of her cosmic ascension and this will be felt by all of humanity in the coming days. It is an energy that will be stepped down in intensity so that all of her inhabitants can absorb the more refined energies. It is helpful to go within often and be open to receive the incoming energies with the intent of utilizing them to their fullest capacity and also by intending to align consciously several times each day with the highest aspects of your I AM Presence. Begin each day with a conscious alignment to your I AM and feel reverence, gratitude and joy within your heart for the privilege and the honor to be a part of the events that are unfolding. There is nothing to fear – just allow joy and the feeling of celebration to move through you. Love in all its facets is coming home to planet Earth and this will begin to be evident in all that takes place both on the world scene and within each human heart.

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Originally posted on aisha north:

Let us begin this missive by saying that you have entered another one of those intense phases, where you will be as if churning in and out of a veritable maelstrom of different frequencies. This may sound more than a little daunting, but believe us when we say that you have all been well prepared for such an intensely transformational upheaval such as this. For once more you stand on the threshold of a huge leap in you vibrational frequencies, one that will bring you up to par as it were with so much of your ethereal surroundings. In other words, we think you will find yourself in familiar fields in a very short time from now, as what has been initiated now will indeed transport you if not physically then at least energetically to those lofty abodes you so hanker for.

Let us explain. As we have told you…

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Oracles and Healers:

Absolutely beautiful. Thank you, Anne.

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Because I am always on the path of becoming a more enlightened individual, I am interacting with many others who are also searching for the their meaning on this planet – and are hoping to find their Life purpose.

I have found my Life purpose. It’s not always so easy.

I’ve recently had one of my best friends state : I’m not sure if I really believe in the Multiverses and Guides … I have not yet seen a huge a-ha moment convincing me that they’re with me ….

I stopped and smiled. Waited for my own Guide to whisper in my ear – and I answered her this. ** Really – what other choice do you have but TO believe ? ** I made a physical depiction of her – on my huge table – as a little dot. I told her: this is YOU – working right now…

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Originally posted on The Creator Writings:

You are on the verge of something great! The energy shifts you have been experiencing recently have started a chain reaction; a domino picture, if you will.

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Originally posted on The Creator Writings:

Shame is defined as a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behavior.

Just for today, look very closely at any shame you are holding. Is it necessary? Is it Self or Other created? How does it serve you?

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Mike QuinseyWe are continually working to minimise the effects of attempts by the dark Ones to greatly eliminate your population. It has been part of their long term plan, and their ways of doing so are by the introduction of disease and other methods by which they can slowly reduce your numbers. However, for a long period of time we have used our ability and superior knowledge to combat them. So you will understand Dear Ones, that we are preventing a catastrophe thereby allowing you to continue your good work in spreading the Light. So do not be fearful of the dark Ones as their powers are now very limited, as for karmic reasons we must allow them to exercise a certain amount of freewill. Be assured that whatever adverse actions are happening in your world, it is only the final period in which karma is being played out. What appears outwardly tends to create a more fearful situation than actually exists, whereas they will be short lived and continually monitored by us. Always bear in mind that in the not too distant future, you will rise up and enjoy total peace and be free from the attention of the dark Ones.

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Originally posted on aisha north:

You have by now ridden many an energetic wave on this, your journey to completion, but what you are traveling on now, cannot be likened to any of them. You see, not only have you been lifted far past the high water mark already, this wave will not cease to move forward and you with it anytime soon. As you have seen earlier, a wave such as this usually comes in, for then to seemingly cease and pull slowly out again after having pushed you all one step further along. But this time, you can think of it more as a permanent river of light continuously pushing you all ever further inland into this vast and still mostly undetected and unexplored landscape.

And so, for much of your time, you will still feel unsettled and unsure as to just how and where and when you will know anything certain about…

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Originally posted on The Creator Writings:

Without you, there would be no Universe, no One and no Love!  You are an important and integral piece of the

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Originally posted on The Creator Writings:

A gentle reminder; a person’s connection to the Divine is as varied as there are humans on your Earth. Spirituality need not be somber, quiet or meditative and it is certainly not about denying the human experience! A truly spiritual being is very rarely any of these things. Instead,

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Originally posted on The Creator Writings:

Look forward with anticipation to the coming of each new day. Exciting experiences unfold, wishes are granted and thoughts become reality,

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Originally posted on aisha north:

For eons, mankind has been defined as consisting of single entities, carrying out their life’s work in hardship and toil from birth to death, for then to cease to exist altogether. In other words, you as humans have been defined as someone simply existing between the first and the last breath you take, and whatever comes before or indeed after that, is a subject shrouded in mystery. Be that as it may, you have by now managed to open your eyes to the fact that a human life as you used to define it is simply the proverbial tip of the iceberg – or even less so. For by now, you have started to tap into the rich vein that constitutes the real you, the one that is not confined within any physical limits, but who has chosen to define one part of themselves as a human.

Let us explain…

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