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Beloved Ones,

The people of the world are uniting in greater and greater numbers to stand in the streets to let the leaders of the world know that they are no longer willing to be silent witnesses as they watch senseless destruction of the world’s people and their homelands be destroyed. As the powers that be lash out to create fear in the people in order to keep them under control, awakened humanity across the planet are rising up in swelling numbers to create change across the planet. The mainstream news continues to suppress the reporting of the momentous movement of people’s protests in major cities of the world and this has become glaringly clear to the majority of the world’s population. The lies, deceptions and cover ups from those in power are becoming more obvious in every moment.

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Originally posted on The Creator Writings:

If you are being treated differently than how you feel you should to be treated, take a very close look at what is on the inside. You will always project

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Dear family of light!

This trip to the mountains of Jotunheimen – “the Home of the Giants” – has definitely been a magical one for my sister and for me. It has been a journey through outer and inner landscapes on so many levels, both personal and collective, and it has been powerful and transformational in ways that are hard to describe, but two nights ago I got this message “Now there will only be WE”. To me, this signifies that we as a collective have shifted away from the old ego based, fear based timeline, but we are still very much in transition into the new so the journey is not over yet ;-).

There have been so many synchronicities and so many wonderful messages from Mother Earth in the form of unusual encounters with wild animals and birds, and I do not think I have ever felt so…

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Originally posted on The Creator Writings:

The love of The Universe surrounds and embraces you with every breath you take. You need not see it with your eyes, touch it

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Originally posted on The Creator Writings:

When you are experiencing a challenging situation, look at yourself and your reactions to others actions as an observer. What do you

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Originally posted on Johnsmallman's Blog:

The fun has started!  Your awakening is, for all of you, unbelievably imminent!  Yes, you may well be thinking “Here we go again, setting ourselves up for another enormous disappointment!”  However, this is most definitely not the case.  Please prepare for the most amazing event ever to occur in humanity’s long and frequently most unhappy history.  You are at the tipping point, your awakening is inescapable, divinely assured, and consequently there is absolutely no possibility of your slipping backwards into the mire that is the illusion.

I am sure that this statement is, at the least, rather unsettling for many of you because there have been so many apparent delays and disappointments over the years, as you have continued to determinedly and lovingly hold your Light on high as wayshowers intending to lead humanity forward to its spiritual destiny, to awaken into its natural and blissful state – Love…

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Originally posted on The Creator Writings:

Love me, approve of me, feed me and my ego, make me stronger, safer and more secure. These are statements you make to others but, rarely

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Originally posted on The Creator Writings:

Recurring patterns in your life are The Universe pointing out to you what you need to change. Exercise your free will; hold onto them

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Originally posted on The Creator Writings:

Every day you are given the opportunity to heal yourself, to let go of the past

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Originally posted on Jesus through John:

We are rapidly approaching the moment of humanity’s awakening.  The moment for which so many of you have been hoping and praying is finally close at hand.  And, of course, you have heard many statements like this over the last few years . . . followed, seemingly, by an all engulfing silence!  Nothing!  Just discouragement and deep disappointment.  However, it is necessary to encourage you to expect its imminent arrival because you then firmly and determinedly hold the intent for it to happen, and it is humanity’s intent, the collective intent that is bringing it about.

Despite the many disappointments you all know that humanity’s awakening is inevitable, and that it must happen soon because the present mass unawareness of humanity’s spiritual nature is in no one’s best interests, while causing untold suffering worldwide.  And your knowing, you the way-showers and Light bearers, has enabled you to remain strong and…

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Originally posted on aisha north:

Let us begin this missive by saying that you have now entered a phase that is like no other you have experienced, and it will probably not be one that you will experience ever again. For now, so much is shifting and reshaping on all sides, both within and without, and so, this will indeed be a season of change on every level. You have by now grown accustomed to not being able to predict just what the next day or even the next hour will bring, and even if you mentally or physically may not have grown quite as accustomed to these changes as to the knowledge that they will occur again and again, you will all slowly but surely start to reset and reshape your very being into something that will feel much more at ease in this seemingly constantly turmoiled sea. You see, the rapid shifts and…

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Originally posted on The Creator Writings:

Are you one of those “beach parents with a camera”…..always looking through the lens and never joining in? You asked for and were given your life for a reason! Yes, it is quite lovely to capture moments, however, it leaves you out of them. 

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Originally posted on Anne's Readings and Inspirations:

The Source and Universe works in very interesting ways. We all know that … And although I am very connected, I am still blown away by the events of the past few days ….

This past weekend, I escaped to a small community to celebrate my anniversary with my family. On Saturday morning, we decided to go and do some shopping. After spending about thirty minutes in the first town – we came back ‘home’ to our original destination and decided to explore there. I entered my favourite mind-body-spirit store and was, once again, floored.

Nathaniel was out with me , in full force ( if you have forgotten – he is my wonderful guide – whom I ‘travel’ with on this journey and who helps me when I do sittings …. ). He led me to beautiful healing beads – amethyst ones – and a few other items. I…

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Originally posted on The Creator Writings:

If you knew how easy it was to allow yourself to be loved for exactly who you are,

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Beloved Ones,

The way forward is to go within as much as possible during the next few weeks. There is a lot of activity taking place on the energetic levels on both the surface of the Earth, within the Earth and on the higher etheric levels. It is a time of great changes and this is becoming more evident with each passing day. Staying centered and aligned to your higher truth will help you move through this period with greater ease and grace. It is also very helpful to connect with the natural world around you by spending more time outdoors as this helps to keep you grounded and connected with the Earth energies. Immersing yourselves in water frequently can be very soothing, cleansing and healing to your well being. By keeping your exposure to the daily news at a minimum, you will fare well. There is much that is being kept hidden during these times but that cannot last for too much longer.

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