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My dear friend, we are overjoyed that you have begun sharing our messages on your internet.  Many will be heartened by reading them, and this is their purpose, is it not?  You will soon begin attracting an audience of much larger proportions.  Make sure you are able to handle that with caring and a firm grounding in humility.  You will be able to help a great many people if you can maintain the proper perspective.  We are pleased to help in every way possible.  The messages are carrying great energies of love and hope to all who read them.  They will work together with the messages of many other channels to bring massive change to your world.  You each understood this when you chose to come here and take on this task.  Do it well.  It is important.  Never have any of you had a more important assignment.  We place huge trust in you.  We will see that the people who need to find the messages do so.  All you need to do is put them onto the internet.  Make this your next posting.  We are complete for now.