Now we will speak on the topic of the ascension.   The topic is much discussed, but we will talk about some aspects which might need a little clarification. 

One such aspect would be your planet’s entry into the photon belt.  This has long been a subject of discussion.  It has been presented in ways that have raised fears even in those that most want ascension immediately.  We tell you again, there is nothing to fear.  There will be no major catastrophe.  You have transcended that timeline.  In fact we can tell you that some already perceive this new aspect of light and you personally know more than one of them.  More and more will begin to see the new light and colors as their perception opens to them.  You will at first find it quite extraordinary, but also of exceeding beauty.  When you begin to perceive all as energy flowing you will see more of the light and colors in everything.

Another thing we could discuss is your body’s health problems.  It is important now for you to keep your bodies in a state of well-being.  There will be enough stress during the rest of this process.  But as we have told you, you will reach a state where disease and disorders do not exist.  You may have whatever body pleases you most.  In the meantime, there are many new healing modalities arriving on the planet to help you.  There is literally no disease which cannot be cured.  Once your pharmaceutical companies orient themselves to cures, rather than profits, you will see many rapid improvements in healthcare.

Another thing which concerns you all greatly is genetically modified foods.  These situations will be dealt with quite rapidly.  You will no longer be eating foods which harm you rather than nourish you.  And very soon your desires for those foods will quite simply drop away.  Most of you have already experienced a bit of that already.  We will show you so many wondrous foods from across the galaxy that you will never miss these harmful things, we promise you.

We are also concerned about your manufactured plastics.  One of our first projects will be to retrieve them from your oceans and create friendlier substances from them.  Massive clean-up campaigns will give many people a chance to help the planet.  Again you will be amazed at the speed with which this is accomplished.  We will show you ways to turn this waste into products that benefit all, or are, as you put it, bio-degradable.  There will be no further pollution of the environment.  Of course all individuals will have to understand their part in creating that pollution in order to assume their responsibility in cleaning it up and keeping it clean.  One trip over the huge areas of plastic pollution in your oceans will surely convince anyone of that.  We will happily provide that.

The next item we shall mention is the massive pollution of your environment by sound and radio frequencies.  But the combination of the changes to yourselves and the new technologies you will have will overcome all of that.  You simply will not allow things which disturb your peace or harm yourselves or others.  Many of your worst ‘offenders’ will make amazing turn-arounds when they begin to see hope where none existed for them before.  There will no longer be cast-offs in your societies and all will have opportunities to contribute to the betterment of your world.  Hope is a wonderful thing, and it has been systematically stamped out for a great many of you and replaced with polluted entertainments.  Your mind candies have been just as tampered with as your food and water.  All of that will change immediately.  Of course none of these things will be imposed upon you, but will change because you will finally have the understanding and the means to do so.

Once again we say, we will continue on the Monday.