Now we will look at the many forms of darkness and deception that exist on your third dimensional planet.  They all have their origin and maintain their existence due to the same basic misunderstanding, or better-said, the same untruth.  That being that there is an existence apart from the Creator-of-all-things.  Only because free will was given is it possible for this illusion to even exist.  Would the sparks of light created having free will eventually choose to return to their Source, or would the Creator have to bring them back to be re-created?  Well, it seems as if the love and trust of the Creator were well placed although it seems as if a small few will need some more hard lessons.  We see that power should only be wielded by those whose last desire is to use it.  And that connection to Source, and to each other in love and friendship, is the best safeguard of the safety and wellbeing of all.  This is the pattern of every successful society in the universe, and the pattern of the society you are building for yourselves.  We are prepared to help you in every way possible, but the heavy lifting, as you say, must be begun by you; and, in fact, it has already begun.  Stay the course through the removal of the old structures and you will see rapid construction of a new and better world, one in which you are all asked to participate.