Our topic this evening is total mastery of the self.  This has been so difficult that only a handful have accomplished it.  Long years of very hard studies and practices were necessary.  Much progress may have been made, but anything called mastery would have been elusive.  But you persisted over many lifetimes, and slowly your mastery came closer and closer.  Perhaps you have hidden it well.  But we are here to tell you that now is the time for you to take off the masks and reveal who you truly are.  You are here now because you have spent lifetimes learning to do what needs to be done… now.  When things seem difficult for you, remember that only the most qualified are here… now.  Some will choose not to heed the summonses we send out.  Some are ready now to take on their chosen tasks.  Most are somewhere between.  We tell you not to doubt yourselves.  Take but one step.  Then take another.  You will find that, when you make the beginning, all the support of all of heaven will be yours.  Do not expect to have no problems, dear hearts.  But do expect to overcome every one of them.  In fact we tell you now the victory is yours.  It was yours in the instant Creator decreed your return home, but the illusion lingers on for a moment longer.  Hold steady for just a bit more.  The light is about to illuminate the last corner of your world.