Today we will speak about your media’s continued silence on the many happenings that would surely qualify as major news stories, even perhaps eclipsing your politics.  The ones who know and understand what is happening are the very ones who are able to influence what will or will not reach your televisions and newspapers.  Unfortunately, for them, a large and growing number of you see through this game and rely totally on alternate media.  And many of you see through the lies and obstructions that are fed to you.  This has reached a level that will soon force many changes.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to control the investigators and reporters who are not party to their schemes.  Instances of firing highly competent television commentators do not help their cause.  The pressure caused by an informed public is mounting.  Watch closely now and you will begin to see the results of their loss of control.  Those who collect, edit, and publish the news are the same as you, and are experiencing the same internal changes.  Even in today’s computerized world, you cannot fire all of your work force.  Some changes are inevitable, and you will see them sooner rather than later.  Major stories are now pushing strongly against the back of that dam now, and all of them are related.  It is known that one leak is all it will take to produce a flood.  Lies and ridicule will not work once truth can be seen.  Continue to demand better and you shall soon have it.  We are complete for now.