We will speak tonight about non-interference.  We understand that a message has been received already today on this topic.  Just imagine several reporters interviewing the same subject.  That happens every day, correct?  You were told that the time was approaching when the non-interference code would be lifted.  You remember reading that, right?  Well the deadline for that has passed.  The controllers on your world have always known that we would not interfere because of that directive.  They will now learn that the warnings of that directive being lifted were true.  Now we will be able to supply support wherever and whenever asked by those who oppose them.  Make no mistake, however.  There must first be sincere effort and a sincere request from you.  We are not going to jump in at this point and produce what you call a coup.  You still have karma and life contracts to deal with and it is not our place to cancel those out.  Wake up, stand up, and step out.  How’s that for a brilliant catch phrase?  Pass it along for us please.  The day is almost won.  And you will have the honor and satisfaction of having done your parts.  We will speak again tomorrow.