Our subject is the need for a thorough restructuring of your governments.  Many people on your planet have never been able to have an opinion about their government nor to freely caste a ballot to elect one.  There is less true freedom now than there was two hundred years ago.  Your wars to spread democracy were, in fact, not fought for that purpose at all, and most people today are well aware of that.  We will help you rebuild a government that serves its people once more, and not a government that demands quiet obedience from its people.  Most of the laws passed recently have been for the purpose of keeping an unruly populace in check.  A government that needs laws of that nature is not a government that abides by universal law itself.  You will find yourselves free for the first time in your lives.  It will be necessary to learn quickly the need for responsibility and cooperation.  Reward will be based on contribution, not competition.  But when the need to compete disappears, it will suddenly become apparent to everyone that your lives have become fair.  How often the thought, “This is not fair” or “Life is not fair”?  True was it not?  Life is about to become fair for the first time in many, many centuries.  Almost time to get out your dancing shoes, dear friends, almost time.