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Michael:  My task this morning is a welcome one.  I am here to introduce you to a new friend.  Please say hello to Paul the Venetian.  I know you spoke briefly last night and he asked you to look him up, as you knew nothing about him.  We know that you did so, but still have no firm idea of why he contacted you.  I will allow him to explain that himself.

Greetings.  I am Paul.  I return as promised.  We will speak often, you and I.  You read that I am Chohan of the Pink Ray.  That basically means that I work with the energies of the heart.  You are still wondering what this is all about.  Well, for now it is mostly an introduction.  We knew that you knew nothing of me.  For all you knew, I might have been a bricklayer or a merchant prince.  Our conversations may oiften be private, if you wish them so.  But also there will be those that are meant for a wider audience.  I will let you decide what to do about this one.  I would like to speak for a moment about using the pink or rose ray to benefit Earth or society.  You find it to be of great benefit to bring it to bear on situations or areas that would be helped by the energies of love.  Yes, I know that fits every area and situation.  And you may open your focus, at times, to include all of that.  But think of yourself as the nozzle on the end of a garden hose and narrow your focus to particular problems and you will be amazed at what this pink ray can do.  One very beneficial way to use it, I would suggest, is to bring it into your own heart and let it flow from there to your area of concern.  Let it flow through you.  We will speak again soon.  Be in joy my friend.