This morning let us discuss rights.  More than two hundred years ago your country recognized a list of human rights which you determined to be inalienable.  This meant that these rights were yours simply because you were alive.  You could lose many of them if you did not act in a civilized manner, but otherwise, if you breathed, they were yours.  For many years now, these have been progressively legislated away from you.  Your judiciary has failed in its duty to counter this trend and thereby uphold your rights.  It is fashionable to believe that many of your legislators have been bought out and your judges are corrupt, and to some extent that may be true.  But the biggest factor is that you have all been shocked into buying a large and beautifully wrapped package of fear and panic.  You would and did give up everything to protect yourselves from an enemy you had seen only on your television screens.  Your children have grown up and are beginning to show you exactly what you have given up.  This, historically, has been one of the functions of the young.  Only this time, in a world united by instant communication, the tidal change has become a tidal wave.  Humans everywhere are saying “Enough!  We are simply not going to be used and abused anymore.”  You are carrying the day now.  When the elites owned the world, you had no hope of getting free, but they have defeated themselves by getting too greedy.  This spring and summer you will press your advantage and, when you open your eyes and look around, your world will have changed.  Already the cracks in the dam have become fissures.  Ones who could not speak nor act are becoming free to do so.  Watch closely now. Watch closely.