We wish to talk about your immediate future at this time.  Now is the time we have all been speaking to you about for many months.  You have been able to bring this forward with your intent and prayers.  We see that much of what you are bringing forth may be much less terrible than it may have been.  Vast amounts of light are streaming into your beautiful world due to your prayers and meditations.  You performed a miracle by changing the Armageddon Timeline before your year 2000.  It is apparent that you have not ceased your beautiful work.  All of us are here to aid you in this, but only you can make the decisions upon your planet.  We say to you, “Well done!”  Remain resolute now and bring into being the marvelous future you have created.  Catastrophe and disaster may yet be converted into confusion and inconvenience.  Continue to meet each threat with huge amounts of love and light and we will be able to help you make the necessary changes with as little pain as possible.  We are aware of much pain and suffering still being experienced by many, but we urge you to come together and help each other and we will soon be able to restore joy and peace to these dear hearts.  Do not panic now as the forecast changes come into the light.  It will appear to happen suddenly, but you have seen them coming for months now.  Stay centered and at peace now so that you can keep those around you from fear and panic.  Too much has been put in place for the outcome to be changed or delayed much longer.  In fact, the light has won the day.  The only question now is which crack will cause the dam to crumble.  Prepare to live free of your bonds, dear hearts, and we shall rejoice with you.  We will speak again tomorrow.