A word of explanation before we begin.  When I checked the blog stats this morning, the number of links from the top country listed was 222.  This means, in angelic numerology, all will be well.  Then I looked at the ranking of views per post, and the top one was 111, meaning you are starting a new cycle in your life.  So I was chuckling to myself as I sat down to connect with Michael this morning.


I see that you received our little message this morning.  Might as well begin your day with a hearty chuckle.  Since we know you understood it, let’s move right on to today’s topic.  The immense energy downloads to your beautiful Earth have begun in earnest.  You have had several discussions about it yourself, and you have are seeing it all over your internet.  For those who do not yet feel them, they are putting on quite a show in your atmosphere.  It will be very hard to ignore soon.  These energies are forcing many changes to occur.  Firstly, they are changing your bodies and that of Gaia, herself.  They are revealing all secrets and uncovering your history, as promised.  And they are forcing change in the many systems which must give way now.  Let us clear us some possible confusion.  The energy can and will force change, both conscious and physical.  But the changes made will be decided upon and created by you.  That is what we have meant by ‘non-interference’ and ‘support’.  For those so inclined, think about your games of ball.  The coaching staff can teach before the game.  They can plan the game.  They can give advice during the game.  They can provide equipment, water, towels, medical care, etc.  But if they step onto the playing surface at all, there is penalty.  It is not allowed.  It is not their game.  A perfect analogy, don’t you think?  So our advice to you is, receive all the help you can.  Breathe it in.  Allow it into your energy body.  Welcome it.  Thank your Creator for it.  And then go do what you do.  If what you are doing needs to change, you will be prompted.  Just keep listening.  Love and light to all of you dear souls.  This is your time.