Our topic tonight is truth.  Many of you have written volumes expounding upon the nature of truth.  Truth is actually very simple.  Truth is what is, as opposed to what is not.  The problem is not in defining it.  The problem lies in perceiving it.  When you are lied to, when the most important facts are kept from you, when you do not allow yourself to see clearly, truth is almost impossible to know.  If suddenly you are given access to many, many facts that have been hidden from you, many of you will react in anger and fear.  If many of those revelations are counter to your most cherished beliefs, many who are weak or inflexible will need a great deal of help in coming to grips with their new reality.  This circumstance is exactly what is about to be thrust upon many of you.  That is when many of you who term yourselves lightworkers will find your true calling.  That is when compassion and unconditional love will be needed as never before.  No one wants to have an ascension that leaves millions of souls behind.  But none of them will want to have an entire new understanding of their world forced upon them either.  You have accepted a very difficult and delicate assignment.  Our advice is to let those come to you who will, and answer their questions when they ask.  Let them ask for more when they are ready.  Their consciousness will be rising as well as yours.  They will grow quickly.  Stay centered in your truth and joy, dear hearts, and all will be well.