My dear friends, let us speak today about a subject of great importance at this time.  We will speak of your ability to decrease, or increase, the effects of events that occur.  You, as yet, have no real understanding of the extent of this ability which you have already demonstrated.  We tell you that you have lessened or completely averted much.  Every day more of you begin to work with the light.  Every day the light which you bring to the planet increases.  Many have learned to use the powerful tool of your imagination coupled with prayer to send this light to specific places, people, or problems.  That is a wonderful thing to watch.  We would suggest to you a thought which may be new to some.  As you direct Creator’s light, remember that it is intelligent as well as powerful.  There is no need to limit it by imagining a specific outcome.  Directing it to a person, or problem, or area is enough.  Send it with loving prayer for the highest and best outcome for all beings.  Perhaps think in terms of unleashing the power of the light, allowing the light to find the best and highest way through.  You are performing wonderfully in seeing the need and directing the flow.  Try releasing the power, turning up the volume, and leave it flowing as you move on the other ‘targets’ as you have time.  There are now millions of you.  When you are able to see the results of what you have accomplished together, it will amaze you.  At times, you may see a certain color in your mind’s eye as you do this.  Work with that color.  It will have been sent to you to fill a need.  We are also channeling this light through you.  That is how we, meaning those of us and those of you, co-create.  Begin to realize now the powerful beacons of light that you are.  We both encourage and applaud you now, dear friends.  Unleash your light.