Our subject today is ownership.  Ownership is what one reserves when one is fearful of losing something.  Let’s imagine a condition in which you may have anything you wish at any time.  In this condition, if you want something, or more of it, or better, or just different, it is automatically yours.  Your desire and your imagination have just created it.  Do you think you would have a need to own it?  Again, suppose you knew that your every need would be met for the rest of your life.  How would that change your feeling toward property.  There is a state in which loss and lack do not exist.  Let this become a subject for your contemplation, for we tell you, it is your natural state.  This has been well hidden from you.  But, with a bit of help, you will soon begin to awaken to this condition within yourselves.  Begin now to think of yourselves, not as consumers, but as creators, and perhaps as custodians, as well.  As you do this more and more, you will change your world, have in fact, already begun to change it.  Massive changes are afoot which will jump-start these internal changes for you.  They will appear quite fearsome for a short while.  We warn you of this so that you may be prepared to help your neighbors weather the storm.  It will be momentary, we assure you.  The smell of freedom will surely overcome the fear of change in short order.  You are already aware of the beginning of the changes, but most in your societies are not.  When these reach proportions that can no longer be denied, it will be important for you to be ready to explain what lies ahead.  Try to point to the cake when you are explaining the breaking eggs.  There will be much to explain what is happening and why.  But expect also, at first, to see the usual attempts to create fear and control.  Your eons of efforts and unending prayers are about to receive answers, dear hearts.  We will not let you fail.  All is well.