Let us talk about power today.  We will look at power in a new way.  One three dimensional perspective is that there is good and bad power.  That has been, until today, a fine teacher.  We would present another view for your consideration.  There is only divine power, as all is Creator’s energy.  If one perceives only the results power may cause in a finite amount of time, it is possible to place a value of ‘bad’ upon the results of power.  Bad would mean having less than desired results.  If, however, one were to rise above the temporal view to see from the divine perspective, one would see that only Creator’s intent can result from the use of power which is all derived from Creator’s energy.  Any use of power which leads to bad results leads inevitably to lessons learned and an eventual rise in consciousness.  One of the words used to describe this process is karma.  Ascension is about to end this process for this part of the multiverse.  You desired to play this game.  You’ve played it and won.  But let’s go back to our ballgame analogy for just a moment.  If we were your coaches, we would say, “Let’s not go into overtime.”  Continue to make your best effort, dear hearts.  You can almost hear the game clock ticking down the final seconds now, and nothing will please us more than running onto the field to congratulate you.  Now you are writing your places into the record books.  Get your second wind and do your very best just a bit longer.  We watch in wonder and admiration.