My dear friends, your light viewed from our vantage point, has become quite a marvelous sight.  Billions of symphonies of radiance are growing each day now.  You have created a planet-wide phenomenon.  Harmonies are growing.  Beautiful light paintings are occurring.  And each increase is inspiring more of the same.  You are receiving the new energy being beamed to your planet and you are creating wonders.  Much of it you do not even remark upon, do not even notice.  But we tell you that every tiny act or sharing of love or compassion has effects which reach far beyond your comprehension.  Each increase in the light moves your entire world closer to what you are calling ‘the new earth’.  In actuality, dear ones, you are living each moment on your new earth.  It is, and has always been, created in each moment according to your beliefs.  And that is what you are changing.  Each advance of the light is making the next advance easier and more inevitable.  Continue, dear hearts, for it is a marvel to behold.  Share your love and joy, your smiles and hugs, with all you encounter.  The ripples have become a rising wave.  We await with greatest joy your arrival in our dimension.  The celebration is prepared.