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Now we will speak of your new abilities that some are already finding the use of.  All of you are capable of these things, but you each have some that you have brought with you into this life.  Those will, of course, manifest first for you.  They will prove very useful in the coming times.  As your soul groups come together, you may find that many of you have the same talents, but it is the one that makes you stand out which may be the most valuable.  Think in terms of a Native American village.  There may have been many hunters, but a skill at arrow making or flint knapping would have been highly valued.  All voices were always heard and considered and nothing moved without a large consensus.  Now consider a confluence of villages, a larger communal sharing.  And consider a stewardship of all resources.  Where would the peoples of the world go now to learn such things?  Find and treasure greatly the wisdom keepers.  They have waited patiently for long, long years for the time they knew would come.  They have different things to teach you than your star brothers, but their wisdom is just as valuable.  Each area of the world has its wisdom keepers.  All of them have survived a great deal of persecution and prejudice.  Now the very things that set your controllers’ teeth on edge will prove to be priceless to your world.  Ask the grandmothers and the grandfathers.  They have waited long for you.  Ask how they build a village, what holds it together, what makes it strong.  All of these things they have known for thousands of years.  All of them you have forgotten.  Your star brothers may even have taught them some of these things long ago.  Of course, many of you may have all of these things stored in your own DNA.  And all of it is available to any who can look deeply inside.  Those abilities are coming on line for a great many of you now.  Look for them.  Value them.  And above all, learn to value yourselves.  For eons of time, you have learned many lessons against all odds.  All of that treasure is stored inside of each of you.  You are each worthy and priceless sons and daughters of your Creator.  See that when you look at each other.  And we tell you, see that when you look in the mirror.  Value life above all things.  Of course, at some level, all is life.  We are complete.