(A personal message to me.  I share it because I see things which probably apply to many.  Namaste.)

Now it is time for us to talk about the best way to process the negative reactions you are bound to encounter as we move forward.  The reach of our messages has begun to expand and they will, as a matter of course, draw comments which are less than salubrious, shall we say.  There is no point in trying to convince the senders of anything.  Their own lives are for the purpose of doing that.  But they can serve a purpose for you if you let them.  Look hard at the reaction they bring up in your emotions.  Ask why you feel the way that you do.  You will find an opportunity to learn about and correct things in yourself that you probably would not have known about.  Make the correction, thank the individual in your mind, and move on.  From now on, see every circumstance as an opportunity.  When you began to fulfill your life contract, your life began to provide you with those things that would provide you with what would serve your highest and best progress.  Your best reaction should be gratitude.  We spend time discussing what you have obviously already learned.  Congratulations.  Now your progress will be all the more rapid, if you desire it to be so.  You are seeing master numbers everywhere you turn, synchronicity everywhere.  Ponder these things.  Why are they happening?  Next your life is going to take an abrupt turn.  Enjoy the ride. We are complete.