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You are rapidly approaching a major change in the consciousness of mankind.  Along with this you are about to receive the first of the prosperity packages.  Make yourselves ready to live a much different life.  Allow yourself to think now of that life.

What will you change?  We ask you to realize that your first answers are likely not your best.  There is nothing wrong, of course, with indulging that first whim.  But realize that it was born from a feeling of lack.  Make the feeling of no lack, ever, a part of the plan, and ask yourself again.  What am I going to do?  If you are asked to spend some time cleaning up dear Gaia, will you do it?  If you are asked to spend a little time working in service to society, will you do it?  This is how societies work on other planets.  When all serve a little, no one need serve a lot.  Of course there is always the chance of finding something you truly enjoy.  Frequently that does happen.  But there are always things that no one enjoys and they will be balanced by things everyone loves to do.

All of this will happen sooner than later, but right away you will find yourselves facing questions which most have never had to consider.  Help will be made available, but it will be incumbent upon you to learn to live in an entirely new way.  One of the most important things to consider will be replacing your life of competition with a life of cooperation.  No competition need exist when you are guaranteed your share of all that is.  Members of society will soon shift from trying to get more to trying to create more.  It is simply a function of who you are.  You are only returning to your true selves.  We look forward to seeing the beauty you will create.  Make yourselves ready.  Good day.