A beautiful message that rings true.

the celestial team

3/21/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We greet you with light and nourishing energies as we welcome you into Your Spring of 2012!

Yes, Beloved!  You have entered into the spring-time of your New Paradigm of Being!  Take that to heart. Take your “springing into” literally. Take it as your truth. Claim the frequencies of those words powerfully!

This is a spring, a “springing into,” that you have waited long for, and this is a particular kind of spring that will never come again. Others will, of course–but not this springtime. And so, the time to spring into it is NOW!

Know that all of the energies of your galaxy are, right NOW, supporting you in your springing forward. Know as well that we choose the word “forward” only to accomodate  the terminology that you are accustomed to using when you speak of expansion. From a 3rd dimensional linear perspective, your language, of course, serves to  isolate…

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