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You may have just surpassed the most optimistic estimates of your power of consciousness.  It is still early in the day, but it would appear that you have averted a major and world-wide earthquake phenomenon. Even if earthquakes occur now, it would appear that they will not devastate any huge portions of your populations.

The effect of your rising consciousness is unquestionable.  Harness these energies that were producing these physical changes and direct them to produce beneficial changes that you need and desire.  You, in your millions, have merely to command that.  Learn now, once for all, who you are.  Yes, everything is energy.  Energy can be directed.  Who shall direct it?  Take back the power you were created with.  Allow no one ever again to convince you of your weakness or unworthiness.  Listen to those who came into your world and showed you the way, and do not follow those who stole their teachings and used them for gain.  Make your measuring rod your own heart, not another’s words.  Does your heart ever advise war or hurtful behavior of any kind?  No.  Your heart is your connection to your creator.  Follow always what you feel there and your world will change overnight.  Listen to your fear spreaders only to learn where your energies are needed, then send your love and light.  Use my blue light.  My sword and shield are yours to command.  I am with you always.  Allow yourselves time to reflect on these things.  Good day.