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Our message this morning is about your last minute preparations for the changes we have promised.

  Some of you have put away an amount of extra foodstuffs, but many more have not.  We foresee no long term shortages, but some interruptions will likely occur.  You may want to have enough to get yourselves and your neighbors past those times.  If you have experienced anything like a hurricane in the past, you will know what may be needed.  Huge quantities will not be needed.  It is possible that many will not experience any hardships at all.

You will come to know what the cooperative efforts of your societies can do.  Self-centered concerns and fear will not be effective when the situation demands the cooperation of all of able body.  Perhaps no problems will occur, but we must anticipate efforts to create chaos.  Sending your intentions for peace and light forward now would certainly be a good idea.  Be prepared for problems, then expect none.

Also, you have available to you now information concerning your coming abundance.  Most of you have little knowledge or experience of that circumstance.  You may easily imagine some “going off the deep end”, as you put it.  We obviously do not recommend that.  Consider what would happen if everyone quit doing their productive work.  Now you will not only perceive what everyone’s value to society is, but also your own worth.  Perhaps you should thank most those persons who do the tasks you would find distasteful.  Those jobs will soon not be necessary, but they will not disappear overnight.  If you lose all of your menial workers at once, someone will have to pitch in and do those things.  Do have the grace to thank them, and if possible help.  Do not fall back into complaining about the circumstance, you’ll just prolong it.  We trust humanity enough to see that small efforts at doing necessary things will result in better lives for all.  It is possible that your old employment will gradually not be needed any more.  That will not be an occasion for worry.  Find a way to contribute.  Your survival and comfort will no longer be in question.

Realize that many people do not consciously know that these things are coming, and many more have heard or read of them and refuse to believe it.  Your calm responses to their fears will prevent many problems.  You may begin to understand why so many of you have been isolated for so long.  You have placed yourselves in areas where you will be needed.

This has been a long and rambling message.  We hope that it has given you food for thought.  We also hope that you see that it means your time has almost arrived.  Be in joy and peace.