You have reached a milestone in your process.  The energy levels contained and emanating from your earth have reached a level which will both cause great change and bring it forward with grace and ease.

Open yourselves, dearest ones, to the love and light which is being sent to you in ever increasing quantity and purity.  Accept this as the love of your Creator, which it is, and shine it forth into your world with all your newfound splendor.  Allow your hearts to sing in joy.  Imagine, if you will, many hosts of beings arriving from every corner of the universe to witness the amazing progress of your awakening.  Then know that it is true.  As your light increases, more and more are drawn to both see the spectacle and to assist in any way they can.  As each of you make what seems to you to be your tiny contributions, you are, in fact, contributing to the uplifting of all.

Now imagine that your energies are sitting on opposing ends of one of your children’s playground toys. “See-saws” you call them, “teeter-totters”.  At some point, one end will become so heavy that it will lift those on the other end right off the ground.  On which day soon will that happen?  We watch with joyful anticipation.  We are not idle, you know.  We nudge one here, whisper to another over there.  But only you can take credit for taking the steps you have taken.  This is as it was planned, and as it is decreed by Heaven.  When you have won through, we will join you for the celebration you deserve.  Be in anticipation now.  All is proceeding well.  Know that and be at peace.  That is why you are here.  Our promise to you is that the more you shine, that much more will be sent to you.

Make today your best day ever, and tomorrow better yet.  One day soon you will wake in a world you have only imagined and wipe your eyes in wonder.