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It is important that we discuss your many practical problems today.  It appears to you that there are no solutions in sight.  We tell you that the solutions are not only in sight, but are almost upon you.  Your perspective is the reason for your lack of seeing.

 Raise your head just a tiny bit.  All of the problems caused by certain groups of people who choose to serve only self are soon to be alleviated.  You will need to rebuild quite large portions of your societies, but plans and help are available.  Further, the funds available for this will astound you.  Make one of your first priorities the feeding of your starving souls.  Feed them, house them, clothe them, and see to their water needs.  No one need ever suffer like that again.  Your military budget alone will cover that, and it is an obsolete budget item now.  War will be no longer.

No one need be without employment any longer.  All will have the opportunity to follow their heart’s desire.  Perhaps the first wonder will be the finding again of one’s heart’s desire.  The dawning upon you of the fact of your freedom will open that door for you.  And opportunities of which you have never dreamed will soon be presented to you.  The problems entailed in your release from bondage will be seen as minor inconveniences.

This is the beginning of humanity’s birth into its full possibilities.  Hold the vision of your highest dream firmly in your heart and fear nothing.  You have waited many thousands of years for this day.  Rejoice now, for it is come.