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Yeshua and Michael

On this special morning, we would like to bring all people a message of joy.  Make every effort to find that place in yourself which is happy and cheerful.  Make as great an effort to find peace within yourselves.  Share love and laughter with all those around you.  Make this a special time for your children.  In this way will the true meaning of the day be most honored.

We love the natural joy and innocence of children so very much.  If you can retain or regain a bit of that for yourselves the entire world will change overnight.  The experience of joy will not be a stranger to you any longer.  Our message to you is that just such a world is waiting for you, and you are fast approaching its birth into your reality.

Your reality is not created by someone else and transported to your doorstep, my friends.  No, your reality has been, and is, created by your prayers, imaginations, and efforts over many lifetimes, many lifetimes.  It is also true that its creation has happened now in this moment, but we will not twist your head about today.  And the truth is that very soon you will achieve, with the help of your Creator’s will, the momentum to change your lives forever.

The celebration of that morning shall eclipse all others from that day forth.  We send you now, from ourselves, and from all the angels and ascended ones, our wishes for a peaceful and happy day, today and all days.  Peace and love to you all.