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As we speak today, your world is receiving energies from every direction in this universe.  Most of them are channeled through your sun.  Some are reaching you directly from other stars, galaxies, and many millions of friends whom you call ‘aliens’.

How alien is someone who has only your interests at heart?  We would wish you to one day call them by a more friendly term, say ‘star people’, as the Native Americans do.  All of this energy has the effect, and indeed the intent, of raising the consciousness of Earth.  There is not one being on or within your beautiful planet who is excluded from this intent.  We know this is hard to fit into your conscious minds.  We urge you to find out how easily it fits into your heart mind.  (Notice also how one of these was given to you in the plural, and the other in the singular.  Notice also that your language processor wants you to change the previous ‘who is excluded’ to ‘which is excluded’.  This is a human program.  We have given exactly what we meant to give.)

You will easily understand that we imply the oneness of all mind, the oneness of all being.  Lest you think that you have thus reached your ultimate goal, let us tell you that, at some instant, far into your future, you will experience yourself as that oneness, not momentarily, but permanently.  Permanently unless you decide on another adventure like this one.  The possibilities which are soon to become available to you are indeed endless.  Even that statement is a result of limited thinking.  Those possibilities are already yours, have always been so, and indeed you are just now coming to the end of an indescribably marvelous experience that was chosen by all of you.  We admit that your perspective will need to change a bit before you see it that way.

The experiences you have gathered are priceless to uncountable others who have not had them.  You are indeed masters of the third dimension.  You will be welcomed by all who are watching as you bring this experience to its inevitable end.  The final curtain is about to drop.  Throw your shoulders back now and begin to straighten up the furniture and clean up the set.  We know it is an awful mess, but you are about to receive help.

Tomorrow we will speak again.  Good day, my dear friends.