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Yeshua and Michael

We speak to you now as major earth changes are occurring.  Long forecast, and after a steady building period, these pressures are being released.  Your Mother Earth is trying, as much as possible, to limit any harm to her creatures, but the plates are where they are, so the choices are limited.

Many, many of your star brothers are in the area using their technologies to allow Gaia to do what she needs to do and still not cause an extinction event.  There is a great deal of built up pressure which she must release.  There have been several hundred quakes around the world each day for a while.  And most of your volcanic mountains are also releasing pressures.  These have all been lessening the effects of these changes.

Many of you have been sending your love and light to your mother each day and she is doing her best not to harm you.  We are answering her calls for help, and we ask you to do so also.  Now it is time for humans on Earth to continue to learn to act as one.  You will now begin to see a very rapid increase in all of the changes you have been waiting for.  These are not unexpected, so do not allow fear sellers to distract you from your intentions for your perfect new home.

Remember, there are still billions who will be surprised by these things.  You have reached the time for which you are needed.  Stand firm and tall in your light.  Allow as many to find you as wish to, but remember, the choice is theirs to make.  This is no time to begin creating more karma by imposing yourself on another.

Place your beautiful home planet in a field of light and love and hold her as she births your new home.  Peace and joy be yours always.  Good day, my dear friends