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This morning it is important that we discuss love as a powerful energy.  The power of love is the power of spirit.  Let us first divide power into two types.  For our purposes, we shall make a division between physical power and spiritual power.

We are speaking in and of this world you have created where these divisions are apparent if not actually possible.  You have let yourselves believe that physical power can overcome spiritual power in your lives.  You have been shown that over and over for millennia in order to keep you under control.  The reason for that was to reinforce a belief that your controllers know is not true.  Not only is it not true, but the truth is that, since all is derived from the One, there cannot be physical power without the power of spirit.  As you have begun to understand who you truly are, you are also understanding where true power lies.

As yet, you have only an inkling of what that means.  But that inkling is enough to turn your world upside down.  Rather we would say, back to its true right side up.  All that was needed was for you to claim enough of your power back, and this you have done.  You have stories of super-heroes whom you all love.  We tell you that those stories are not so far from true, but the super-hero is the human being who understands who he is.  The most important part of the story you are writing now is the dawning realization of that truth.  You are creating legends that will be discussed for all time.  To you it may seem that all you are doing is getting from one day to the next.  And you are correct.  But step back and see that doing that is exactly what has gotten you to this point.

You can think small about yourselves.  You can also think large.  We recommend the latter.  We are not speaking of your egos.  You are beginning to see, feel, and feel comfortable with, your inner beings.  You are beginning even to understand them as your inner Being.  These changes, agreed upon before you set foot upon your lovely world, have wrested the future back from the darkness and restored it to the light.  Watch now to see who you are and what you have done.  This, my dear friends is what you term ascension.  Go now and amaze yourselves.  In love we support your every step.  Tomorrow, then.