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This morning we shall talk about the financial situation on your planet.  First let us state that, except for its influence upon your state of consciousness, we simply have no interest in such a thing.  We do recognize, however, that in your societies, as they have been constructed, it is inescapably entwined with your well-being.

That is about to change.  Its effect upon you is directly equal to its ability to cause you stress and fear.  We ask you to understand that the changes and apparent chaos you may soon experience are necessary to remove those factors from your lives permanently.  Eventually your contribution to your world will be enough to bring you everything you need to live an abundant and joyful life no matter who or where you are.  No one will tell you what that entails but yourselves.  If your needs and wants are for water, shelter, and a goat, then water, shelter and a goat you shall have, for now.  No one will go hungry or lack medical care.  The definition of that needs to be understood in terms of life.  First efforts must obviously be to save and sustain lives.

There is much to be rectified in your world.  Many have paid very high prices for being where and who they are.  Prosperity will immediately come to many places that are already prosperous by any measure.  The reason for that is that those with the prosperity have the best means to immediately begin sharing it.  The guarantee of abundance means no further reason to hoard that abundance.  No one need ever suffer deprivation again.  The means to share water, food, clothing, shelter, and security exist today.  All that remains is for each of you to realize that and demand that it be accomplished.  When you look around after the stunning events which are beginning now, that will be clearly seen.

First feed my brothers and sisters will be the cry of many.  First clean up my world will be that of many others.  And, of course, how much can I get will be common also.  Do not worry nor condemn.  It will take some time for the understanding of what has occurred to reach some who have been deprived themselves.  Some are just not ready to raise their consciousness yet.  Do not let that worry you in the slightest.  Build now the world you have dreamed of.  Extend your hand to those who need it.  Give them the means to achieve their dreams, as well.  Only recognize that their dream may include a goat and not a surfboard.  The surfboard may or may not come later.

The unbelievable richness of your planet, when seven billion people are able to contribute their value to it, will amaze and astound you.  The beauty you can restore to Earth within a short span of concerted effort will also amaze you.  But the rapid rise in the state of your consciousness when fear and worry are eliminated from your daily existence will be the most outstanding result of this time.

Many of you are here now just for that purpose.  Apply yourselves now to that goal.  Stand up where you are and help your neighbors and friends through this time and into their future.  Begin where you are and allow yourselves to reach your highest possibilities.  As we have recently told you, go now and amaze yourselves.  Good day, my dear friends.