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Now it is time for us to speak to you about military matters.  You will see almost all of your star brothers and sisters wearing a uniform of some sort.  During your long history of conflict, you have learned that to mean conquest.  In more peaceful societies, it means service.

We wish to inform you again that no one who wishes you harm has been able to enter your atmosphere for more than ten years.  Those who had been invited by your governments and then used the permissions for ill have been evicted from your world.  Those who had lived in secret colonies and fed off your fear and misery have been removed.

Our next step is to remove their earthly operatives, some of whom were glad to receive control when their controllers left.  Sadly for them, it has meant the end of their power and not the beginning.  Since their oppressive technologies were lifted, the sharp increase in your consciousness, aided by the energies coming to you from your star and ourselves, has almost totally brought an end to their domination.  They are in a state of confusion they have never known.  They cannot understand why most of their strategies are backfiring on them.

The divine decree has insured that, in fact, all of their machinations shall work against them.  The expanding timelines have now reached the turning point and are collapsing into one.  The choice has been made.  There is no longer the possibility of failure.  All events will now work to produce the divine order that our Creator has decreed.  The game is won.  The play is over.  The journey has ended.  The time for music and dancing approaches.  First we will remove all the masks and costumes and run the credits.  Those who have chosen not to attend the cast party will be transported to more suitable environments.  A return to your true state has begun.  We ask you to dwell on that more, and less on the “Are we there yets.”  Yes, we have a sense of humor.  Your time is upon you, at last.  Be in joy.