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We are heartened to see the understanding of the overall message of all of our channels spreading far and wide among all those who follow them.  Angelics, masters, and star brothers have all been giving you the same basic information; and, as expected, it has been readily and hungrily absorbed.

This, along with your rapid raising of your vibrational signatures, is bringing the date of your release from the old paradigm closer.  Truly, you have not much longer to wait before the changes which are already proceeding begin to be obvious to everyone.  So much that needs to happen will have to happen so quickly that you may feel as if your heads are spinning.  We would hope that to be a joyful and not a stressful thing.  So much depends upon your ability to maintain calm among your friends and neighbors.  Exuberance and joy are fine.  It is the inevitable fears of many that could cause problems.  But exuberance and joy are contagious, you know.  Please feel free to exhibit them to your heart’s content.

The same applies to all of the things which will be going on this summer.  You will have much support in this.  There will be constant broadcasts explaining what is going on.  But fear is a drug that has been supplied for many thousands of years and will be a hard habit to break for some.  We bring its antidote with us, love and joy.  We recommend liberal dosage daily.

Your lives are about to see a short period of turmoil followed by a forever of happiness.  Those who are able to define their dreams well will be amazed at the results of their efforts.  And there is a saying you have which will apply neatly, “A rising tide raises all boats.”  That is the function of lightworkers and wayshowers after all.  You will be, as always, the lamp burning in the corner.  Continue to raise your brightness now, for soon your light will be needed more than ever.

We hold you in our love and protection now, as always, and continue to cheer you onward.  Take my sword of truth now and use it with love to bring the light to your world.  Until tomorrow, dear friends.

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