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Our message today is one of hope and joy.  Hearts that are filled with love, light, and joyfulness lift everything around them.  Let your smiles and your flashing eyes be your heavy artillery in this final push.

Many of you still enjoy feeding your hunger for facts, news, information of all kinds, and that is alright; but do not forget that your real progress is being made in your hearts.  Many are almost addicted to the novelty of what they are seeing and are not seeing the underlying truth and value.  The point of all that is occurring, and will occur, is the evolution of humanity into an entirely new kind of being, a human never before seen on this planet.  Everything about you, including your bodies, will reflect who you have become and truly are.

A great deal of what you are being told seems like fantasy and science fiction to you now.  We assure you it is not.  It has been said, if you can imagine it, it is possible.  We will amend that.  If you have imagined it, you have created it.  Prior to this, you have allowed yourselves, in your earth school, a period of time to adjust your creations or change them altogether.  But one of the effects of your entering the oneness is the disappearance of that time lag.  You are beginning to see more and more that what you think and believe becomes your reality with ever increasing rapidity.  This will bring joy and delight in some cases and dismay in others, but it is just the final exam in your long, long series of lessons.  Find control of your imagination and you will control these outcomes.  This is the main reason for our continuous urging for you to focus on your dreams and aspirations.

This focus is your control.  We offer you two images you will be familiar with.  In one your focus is intense and tiring.  You are studying late into the night hoping to be ready for an examination on a topic you do not feel prepared for.  In the other, you are daydreaming about the vacation you will take as soon as you are able.  Both are focused.  Both will result in some degree of creation.  You see, it need not be taxing at all.  Find what you love in life and enjoy creating it with all your heart.  That is where you are going now.  The survival needs which cause the former type of focus will be eliminated.  The focus on creating your highest values is all you will need from this time forward.  Relax into this new knowing and allow your true selves to come forward and stretch after their long sleep.  Allow your imaginations to run free and play.  It is time to create with abandon.  Imagine that!

Good day, my dear friends.  Till tomorrow.

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