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Michael and Yeshua

I bring with me this morning our beloved Lord Yeshua.  He wishes to give the message for today.

Good morning dear souls and friends.  On this day the bond between spirit and matter on your earth has increased, or more accurately, the veil has been lifted further.  Those who see or feel these things are already aware of the change.  This will further enable you to make the changes in your lives which you so deeply desire.

As you continue to release and clear fears, guilts, and angers from your lives, you will see vast changes occurring with more and more rapidity.  We are surrounding you in every moment with a vast ocean of unconditional love.  All you need to do at this point is to breathe and drink this into every fiber of your being and share it with everything around you.  We know your heads would love to have more to do.  And there is much to be done.  We simply want you to begin from that place within yourselves where you know and feel that love.

Sometimes a thing may not turn out exactly as you expected, but if you have acted from that place of love, it will eventually turn out to be exactly what was needed.  The totality of what is occurring around you is far greater than your three dimensional minds can comprehend.  Even the workings of your own bodies are far beyond your abilities to understand in any moment.  Seventy trillion little universes you are, each of you.  You are the sum of all those consciousnesses combined, and still far, far more.  And you are in control of all of that, of course.  I say that in jest.  And yet, you will find at some point in your not too distant futures that it is indeed true.

So relax into the miracles that you are.  Accept the still unfolding blessings that are being gifted to you each moment.  And when you begin to feel the true selves that you have always been emerging into the light, rejoice.  Reach into yourselves now and find that love.  Share it with everything and everyone you encounter in your lives.  You cannot use it up.  You are not its container.  You are its conduit.  The more you share of it, the more you will be able to hold.  Then you will find that all of the things which have worried your minds will be resolved without the slightest effort.

All of these things I have told you before.  You are here because you know them to be true.  Allow that knowing to guide each step now and your way home will open before you.  Accept my love and blessings now.  Good and glorious day to you.

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