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Good morning to all reading these messages.  A glorious morning it is.  We invite you now to consider the possibilities which are opening for you.  Abilities and talents developed over many lifetimes are beginning to arise from the depths of your being into your awareness.

You may feel an urge to sing, dance, write, paint, teach, heal others, etc., things that seem unfamiliar to you.  Likely your response will be to think, “I can’t do that.  I don’t know how.”  Our advice is to have fun trying whatever it may be.  Very likely it will bring to the surface of your awareness ability and skill you were never aware of.  Remember the dreams you held as a child and try them.  They were very likely vague memories trying to surface.  Pick them up and dust them off.  Discovering these things about yourself will, at the very least, make your heart sing.

It is time, dear friends, for you to begin to discover the amazing treasures that you hold deep within.  Do not search for them as if your life depended on it.  Rather discover them with the sense of fun and wonder that you had as a child exploring your new world.  Allow yourself to explore what makes your heart sing and your soul dance.  Amazing and wondrous children of your Creator you are.  You have traveled far and learned much.  Every time, every place, every experience has taught you something.  Nothing was wasted.  Nothing ever is.  An entire treasure chest is now waiting for you to open and play in.  We suggest that no matter what your dream is, there is some small thing you could do today, each day, you will enjoy.  That is all you need do to find your joy.  Your joy is your purpose, dear friends.  It matters not if you do or do not become famous or win awards for your gift.  It matters that you find your heart’s delight.  Imagine tomorrow with everyone on your earth living their heart’s delight.  Imagine the joy of sharing in the delight of those around you and sharing yours with them.  It is even possible that some may find that they delight in what they are already doing when the purpose is to enjoy doing it.  It is also possible that you find you enjoy a great many things, and that is just fine.  In your words, “Go for it!”

Do you find that these thoughts have made you feel better?  Has your energy risen as you read this?  What would the energy of Earth be like if all of you felt this way right now?  That is the world you are building, not for a few any more, but for everyone.  The wonders it will bring to you are beyond description.  Have fun finding them. The heart we keep telling you to find, my friends?  It is possible you are feeling it now.  Enjoy your day and we will speak tomorrow.

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