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We will speak this morning about the changes which are manifesting within you.  Many ask continually about arrests, finances and governance; but we tell you that the things of real import are happening in your bodies, minds, and spirit.

We hear now ones are asking, what are these physical symptoms?  What are these dreams about?  Why am I so very tired?  Why am I sleeping so much?  Why am I not sleeping?  All of these things, and many more, are the results of changes which are being made in your physical, emotional, and mental bodies.  They are not being made to you, dear friends.  They are being made with you as a result of your prayers and intentions.  Please look upon them as the clearest indicators you have seen so far of the reality of everything we have been telling you.  They are just as real as any earthquakes or tsunamis.  The earthquakes and tsunamis are, in fact, reflections of the earthquakes and tsunamis within the human.

We have advised you to approach these things with a spirit of wonder, play, and gratitude.  We see many of you taking this advice to heart.  When you see friends or neighbors distressed by these things, please gently show them that resistance and trying to make sense of it in their old understandings will only cause further stress.  We say, “Roll with it.  Go with it.  Play with it.”  If you keep your intent on finding the new you of your intentions, you will find a way to enjoy each indicator of change within you.  Yes, it is possible that there could be discomfort and even some pain involved for some, depending on the type of change they must go through, but acceptance and gratitude will ensure quick assimilation of the energies and changes.  Ask us for help in incorporating the new frequencies into your bodies, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, and you shall have it.

The new person you find yourself to be will delight you indeed.  In truth you are already that person, and have always been.  Now, at last, it will again be possible for those aspects of you to live within you on your world.  This is what you are terming ascension.  As someone has recently pointed out to you, it could as well be called descension.  You have invited the best parts of yourselves to come live within you and the invitation has been heard and accepted.  Why not have a homecoming party inside, dear hearts?  Laugh, dance, even cry, if that is what you feel.  But each day give thanks and allow it to happen.  Let your thoughts be on acceptance and more acceptance.  Tell your higher selves how welcome they are.  Thank your Creator for the opportunity to be here now to experience this.  This will easily serve to get you through any disturbance you may see within or without you.

We advise you not to refuse to see what is going on around you, but to keep your focus on what is going on within you.  Those things brought to the surface of reality to be released from human consciousness need not concern you overmuch.  Soon enough they will cease to exist in your world for good and forever.  Let them go and instead hold in your embrace the new feelings, understandings, and dreams that you are finding.  Tomorrow we will speak again, my friends.  Good day.

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