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It is time to talk about the month which is about to begin, dear friends.  There has already been a lot of information given to you about the alignments and energies and about the possibilities for change.  It is all good information for you to consider.

There is also the possibility for the same alignments and frequencies to bring out strong reactions from those not aligned with love and light.  We advise that keeping your focus will minimize any distraction that may cause you.  You now begin the full-on run to your ascension and your attention and focus on that goal is more important than anything that may occur around you.  The simple accomplishment of whatever is put in front of you each day is all that is needed beyond that task.  That focus will be enough to insure that you are where you need to be when you be to be there, and that you will be able to do whatever there is for you to do.  There is no need for you to conjure up anything more than that.

You have brought with you to this little party the part you need to play and the skill to play it.  It is time now for you to look deeply into yourselves and discover who you are.  The veil which was in place has been lifted.  A huge wave of support and love is building in order to bring your success.  Ride this wave in to shore, dear ones.  You have waited long for this.  The surf is up.

There are those of you who are just beginning to feel this change that is upon you.  Do not worry at all.  You also are champion surfers.  Reach out to those around you, to us within you, and enjoy the ride as you find abilities you never suspected.  Are you finding feelings and understandings that you never knew before?  Are you seeing yourself with new eyes?  Are things which have always been important to you beginning to fall away?  Let all of that happen now, knowing that the new person you have come to embody, the next you, will have and be exactly what is needed at this time.

You are dropping your masks and becoming your true selves for all to see.  The delightful thing may be your own wonder at who that really is.  Come together now, dear brothers and sisters.  Support each other in your light and love.  The light at the end of the tunnel is indeed the blazing sun of your own selves.  Bring your own light to the blaze.

We will continue to speak with you and support you in every way possible.  We urge each of you to find your own connection to us.  Until tomorrow, be in peace and joy.

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