At the exact time of the full moon, on the 5th of May, 2012, MILLIONS of us will gather and VISUALIZE the liberation of (((OUR PLANET))) and her inhabitants, as we travel onto our individual paths of accelerated evolution, that will take shape as each one of us evolves to greater state of consciouness and awareness. We have the chance to create our own destiny as (((FREE))) citizens of planet Earth! Our mass effort on this day will be the trigger that will activate the plan of our new world so that it may come to it’s fruition. There are many leaders that have been crucial to our evolution, including our Central Bankers have played a key role in our spiritual advancement. May we focus loving and supportive vibration ot help them live to their fullest and highest potential as our leaders. Opening doors for new ideas to be considered and implemented that will further accelerate our evolution as an entire planet.
[[[[—–THIS IS A UNIFIED, GLOBAL MEDITATION——]]]]              …………WE NEED YOU!!!!!!…………
 Can you imagine a pristine Earth, in all of her glory, without pollutants in the air we breathe and the water we drink??? Can you fathom never having to PAY a BILL to SURVIVE because we will be using FREE ENERGY that is available ~In AbUnDanCe~ to everyone?? Can you imagine working ~TOGETHER~ with your brothers and sisters for the ~COMMON GOOD~ of HUMANITY???— Our lives depend on EACH OTHER!! Do you have the COURAGE to follow your HEART, LET GO OF FEAR of the ((unknown)) and the COURAGE to follow your SPIRITUAL self– the part of you that is loving and peaceful? EACH of us are but one drop of water– and when we COME TOGETHER, we form an ~OCEAN~! We have the POWER in numbers!! and WE ARE {{GOING TO}} Take back control over OUR lives ♥ IT IS SO SIMPLE! We ask you to join us in meditation!!
 On May 5, 2012 at the exact time of the full moon, MILLIONS OF YOUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS will be sitting in unison, visualizing our new world. Seeing this beautiful new world in our minds, feeling the JOY within our hearts of having this new world, CREATING IT IN OUR IMAGINATIONS—like when you were a child—- THIS WILL MANIFEST THE NEW WORLD!! It is the law of attraction!!! It is higher science!!! THIS IS THE ULTIMATE TRUTH!!! YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF THE REALITY YOU EXPERIENCE!!!
Times for meditation on World Liberation Day:
9:00 am IST May 6th [India]
7:30 am MSK May 6th [Moscow]
6:30 am EEST May 6th [Bulgaria]
5:30 am SAST May 6th [South Africa]
7:30 pm AKDT May 5th [Alaska]
5:30 pm HST May 5th [Hawaii]
1:30 pm AEST May 6th [Sydney]
12:30 pm JST May 6th [Tokyo]
11:30 am CST May 6th [Beijing]
5:30 am CEST May 6th [Paris]
4:30 am BST May 6th [London]
11:30 pm EST May 5th [New York]
10:30 pm CDT May 5th [Houston]
9:30 pm MDT May 5th [Denver]
8:30 pm PDT May 5th [Los angeles]
Channeling in answer to a question by a friend regading this event. Question to AA Michael – 4/30/2012
You mentioned the first day of Wesak, May 5th.  Would you please explain the significance of that date in this year of 2012?  Thank you.
May fifth will be the opening of a window of opportunity seldom encountered in your universe.  There are possibilities of changes beginning on that date, but the greater probability is that you will propel them into occurrence with the light and love of your combined energy.  Many of these events have happened before, but never one of this magnitude nor having this level of emotion behind it.  Many will, for the first time, see the effects of the power of unified imagination and emotion.  This is the real benefit of this event.  What even the rest of you will be amazed at will be the power that is felt by you when the will of your Creator and your will are one.  You are placing yourselves in sync with that as we speak.  I hear the question in your mind.  Yes, share this with the groups you are a member of.  I intend it to reach all who will read it.  Bring the power of love and peace to this endeavor.
I offer you the blue sword.  Go forth in love.