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Today we will discuss the frequency of love and light which is building around you.  I am particularly qualified to discuss this as it is who I am, is it not?  The angel of love.

These frequencies have been building around you for many years, but the strength and frequency continue to build and more notes are added to the symphony, as it were.  As more of you begin to awaken, the attraction to you and your planet of these frequencies increases.

We are using the word frequency today because we wish to distinguish the variations in energy from the energy.  Frequencies are the notes in the music of energy.  Your frequencies are being raised by the music that is playing all around you.  We are standing in the booth and slowly cranking up the volume.  How is that for a picture of what you are beginning to feel?

There is music which every soul recognizes as its true nature, and some will have quite a bit of clearing to do before they can feel comfortable with it.  As an illustration, how many times have you heard someone say that Mozart or Beethoven “drives me up the wall”?  Yet, if you were to ask them, they recognize that it is excellent music.  It just doesn’t resonate with their frequency.  That is very much akin to what we are describing.

During the period of alignments that is approaching this month, your frequencies will begin to entrain with the music that is being played by the universe.  It is quite possible that the feeling you get may be something like wanting to get up and dance.  Just as music is an excellent way to transmit feelings, this music is transmitting to you the universal love of your Creator.  Many other notes in your personal tunes will either come into alignment or be released as you ‘hear’ more and more of the composition.

You will be changed.  This you have always known.  This you have asked for.  It is, in fact, the answer to your prayers which you thought was not coming.  You understand, of course, that we have just given you something to contemplate or meditate upon.  Listen to this music in your hearts, enjoy it, and go ahead and dance if you are so inclined.  Listen to your notes blending in and feel the power of the music rising.  See the change in your world which this wave will push ahead of itself.  See the peace and love which it leaves in its wake.

We leave you now to consider this until tomorrow.  Peace and love be yours today.

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