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This morning we will talk about the messages you are receiving regarding this month’s energies.  It should be obvious to you from the tone of all these messages that you have reached a turning point.  If you relate this to the little real news you receive through your media, you will also perceive this beginning of change to your reality.

We have been discussing these things with you for a long time.  You are about to experience the convergence between several galactic alignments and several events which you are planning to utilize to propel you into your desired future.  You are expecting to see results from these meditations and prayers.  You have no real way of gauging the reach of your calls to join you on this coming day of the full moon.  I will tell you it is becoming bigger than you ever dreamed.  You have been hearing for a while now of an approaching event.  Dearest friends, this is the event.

You have reached the top of the long uphill struggle.  For a little while now, you have approached the edge of the downhill grade.  Give it that heave now and watch as the hurtling rush to the bottom picks up speed.  This is a good picture, except in this case the bottom will really be the highest point you have ever experienced.  Your expectations of this event are great.  Let us tell you now that you can have no idea how great they will be.

Your memories of the life you pray for are so far in your distant past, and so well buried, that you can only see faint glimmerings.  If we told you who you are and what you are capable of, it would seem to you to be fairy tales.  Your past has been so carefully hidden that, when you begin to learn of it, many will refuse to believe it.  The technologies that you already possess will beggar your imaginations, and we tell you they do not approach what will be shown you, given to you freely.  There are those among you who laugh aloud when they hear of our promises regarding your health and lifespan, but we tell you there are many doctors and researchers already who are not laughing.

So gather in your groups, physically or spiritually, on this fifth day of your fifth month of this five year, and we will join you in finally getting this show on the road.  Well, it has been on the road for a very long time, hasn’t it?  So let’s push it out into plain sight.  Yes, let’s do that.  When we do, every little victory will raise your spirits that much more.

Center yourselves now.  Ground yourselves firmly into the energy of your dear Gaia.  Gather your energy about you.  Picture the lion just before he leaps.  That is where you are in this moment.

All love and peace to you this day, dear friends.  We will speak again.

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