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As we move closer to the opening of the powerful gateways of this new month, we wish to urge everyone to begin to focus on their intentions for this opportunity.  Begin now to get a clear idea of what you wish to focus upon if you are planning to participate in any of the group meditations on the fifth and sixth of the month.

Release anything that bothers you still, and find within yourselves the love and forgiveness that will transform your world and everything they touch.  We have told you often to take back your power.  This, dear friends, is your greatest power.  There is no stronger force in all of creation than unconditional love.  But the difficulty here is that it must be truly unconditional.  Please ponder the fact that to forgive an act is not to condone it.  You cannot begin to understand the entirety of the situation or the causes involved.  But more than that, your forgiveness will release both the other and yourselves from the pattern involved.  No one will escape the consequences of any prior action, but that need not be of any concern to you.

Use this window of opportunity to create.  See, hear, touch, taste, smell, and feel, as much as you are able, the desired new world you choose to live in.  See, if you will, a smooth and happy transition from this world to your new one.  Know beyond doubt that you are creating it simply by doing this as one heart, one mind, and with one intent.  Call upon us to join you, and shower light upon all you imagine.  Reach deeply and feel the immense power you are creating.  Wield it joyfully.  It is something with which to build up, not to smite down.  Taking back your freedom and control of your world, building new abundant, healthy, joyful lives is all you need to do now.  Do these things with all your love, all your heart, and all your might.

Once you have created this world and are dancing in its streets, don’t forget the one last and very important thing.  Join deeply in the oneness of yourselves and give gratitude for its existence, because exist it will at that point.

We are overjoyed at the response to the call for this visualization.  When it begins, please feel also the added input of uncountable numbers of us who will be joining you in support.  Think of it this way, if you like.  You steer, and we will help push.  (Smiling) We will get this moving so fast you may have to sprint to catch up.

Tomorrow we will speak again, my friends.  Peace be with you.

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