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And now the day is come upon you.  The time of your awakening is here.  Please do not expect a eureka moment, dear ones.  Although some may experience that, it is no less an opening for you if you do not.

Today your efforts in oneness will open for this planet doorways and possibilities that will take many, many years to explore.  It will not be so very long before the change you create today will be evident to all who care to look.

Do all of this with unconditional love and forgiveness.  Do not harbor ill will against any.  Do not enter this time with the intent to destroy, but to create.  Keep the energy of this night the highest you have ever experienced.

Light is beaming down upon you now in frequencies and strengths never available to you before.  As you join in your world-wide visualizations this full moon, join it in your hearts and shine it onto all the places which come into your mind’s eye.  Allow the full brightness of your love to wash over all that is of the old world.  Allow the new shining world to emerge.  See the abundance of your world shared by everyone.  See your waters clean and shining.  Smell your sweet air as it is swept clean.  See the damage done to your dear mother, Earth, healed.  Marvel at all the new technologies that are shown to you.  Dance in the streets with joy and abandon.  Throw back your shoulders and feel your new freedom.  This will not be what you awake to tomorrow, my friends.  And yet, it is exactly what you will have created.  The time between this now and that now will be so short as to boggle the minds of many who do not understand.

Tomorrow place yourself in watchful expectation.  Look for each sign of your approaching freedom.  They may be small and hard to read at first.  They will certainly be unmistakable very soon.  And you will have discovered your true power.  There will be those who still do not understand, some who scoff, who belittle.  But having done this and watched its profound effect, you will never doubt again.  It is the beginning in earnest of your discovery of who you are.  You need not beg nor plead for things to change.  You are the change-makers.  You will have learned how to come together to create the world as you desire it to be.

We leave you now to your day.  Think upon these things and find peace and love in your hearts.  Prepare yourselves for this evening.  We will speak tomorrow.

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