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Welcome to the Age of Aquarius, dear friends.  Welcome to your new lives.  Become the masters on your planet now that you are deep within your hearts and souls.  Terra was not supposed to be here now, you know.  The plan, as it stood, would have already seen the end of her.  You changed that some time ago now.

Now that you are here, we watch in wonder to see what more you will do.  The possibilities are endless, and you are adding more every day.  Which will you choose?  You are now in a period that will be a teeny bit bumpy as your lovely planet settles onto her new path.  The next month will see a constant series of critical alignments that will aid you in creating your new lives.  Evidence apparent to each of you will confirm your awakening to you.  We can say this easily because, were it not true, you would not have found our messages to you.

There will very likely be some momentous happenings these next months for you to deal with.  You have reached a point in your personal awakening now that will enable you to deal with everything necessary to manifest the changes you have created.  We can tell you that the love and peace you sent into dear Gaia’s energy grids as you entered the 5-5-5 portals will be returned to you many fold.  Catastrophe and cataclysm are not necessary any longer.

As you move into your summer months, hold fast to the vision you have for your new world and your new personal lives.  The changes to your personal energy fields will enable you to begin manifesting your desires as never before.  You truly will begin to amaze yourselves.  Many of you were able to feel the very powerful frequencies that came through the gateway last night.  There were many effects that you very likely were not aware of.  But the effect on your own power centers will soon be unmistakable to you, if it is not already.  We caution you to be very aware of your thoughts now.  The time between thought and manifestation is next to nothing now and growing shorter as you grow in your power.  We know that word makes some of you quite nervous.  In your distant pasts, you have seen power misused, as well as misused it yourselves.  It is time to forgive that, in yourselves and others, because you are returning to the mastership that is truly yours.  Game, set, and match, dear hearts.  Well played.

Tomorrow we will speak to you again.  Have a good and magical day.

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