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It is our wish today to speak to you about the onrush of events which is about to engulf you.  There is time for you to prepare yourselves and enough good advice on that subject already available to you.  What we wish to address is your mental and spiritual state of acceptance and preparedness.

This is the first major task for which you have volunteered, dear hearts.  You must ground yourselves, center yourselves, and not allow the mass consciousness to sweep you away.  Almost every one of you is a very empathic soul.  You are deeply affected by your environments.  Disharmony, discord, and fear are very upsetting to you.  We ask you to make every effort to stay connected to the highest and best in yourselves and send those vibrations and frequencies out to the best of your abilities.

Connect with each other whenever and however possible.  This will strengthen your ability to affect the consciousness, yes.  But more importantly, it will allow you to support each other.  Just being with each other is all that is necessary.  There is a vast field of love that you have constructed about your planet.  Some have consciously intended this.  Most have participated simply because it is their nature.  That matters not.  It is time now to rely upon that field when needed and expand it whenever and wherever possible.  Reach out and connect to it consciously each day.  Draw it into you just as you add your own love to it.  Allow it to be your strength.

In the oneness of all things, the ultimate source of this power is your Prime Creator.  His intent, Her power, is yours to use, always.  Never are you helpless, and never are you alone.  Call upon all the masters, guides and angels you are most familiar with.  We are always with you, never closer than in this time.  Breathe into your peace and your love and let it spill over to all who surround you.  Trust that the Divine Will shall prevail and that your dream of a new and better world will be built from any apparent chaos.  Your concerted intent has brought potential disruption to a minimum.  Your world did not end at the Y2K, and it will not end now.  Chicken Little will crow from the rooftops and TV channels, but your inner guidance will allow you to stay the course.

Think of the trust that has been placed in you.  You have shouldered an immense task.  We know already the outcome of this time.  Find that knowing in your selves, as well.  Tomorrow will not be the day, dear hearts.  Prepare as if it were.

We send all love and support and hold you warmly in our hearts.  We will speak tomorrow.

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