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We will speak now of your reunion with other facets of your being.  You understand that this time is unique to all other ascensions in the universe.  You know that untold numbers of others have gathered from immense distances to witness this.  Your past and future selves are absolutely to be counted in that number.  Your future selves are, in fact, communicating with you in the same fashion that we are right now.  They have often told you this.

As you raise your consciousness, you will become more aware of these other facets of yourselves.  They will become part of your moment to moment existence.  Actually, they always have been, but now you will begin to be able to integrate that awareness.  We must add one caveat to that statement.  It will be so if you wish it.  Nothing is to be forced upon you.  Nothing can be.

Think about what we are saying here and about everything your other telepathic communications have been telling you.  Are you truly ready for the meeting with your brothers and sisters that you have been asking for?  If you truly believe that you are, we advise you to begin accepting all of your pasts and futures.  This includes what many are referring to as your shadow selves.  Forgive and accept everything that you are, or may have been.  For you truly have been everything.  That has been the purpose of your existence.  See through all fear of whom you may have become, or may be, in the future, for that is whom you are inviting so fervently.  Do you think they are waiting for an invitation?  Or do you think perhaps they are really waiting for loving acceptance?  Have they not said over and over that they will not come to create fear and chaos?

Think on what you would feel, truly feel deep in your hearts, if you walked outside right now and were met with the sight of ones who so obviously were not from your earth.  If you are sure you would be at peace with that, think upon how all the people in your daily life would react today to such an event.  This is why it has taken so long just to get to the point at which we are now, dear friends.  We are at last approaching the point at which it may produce more good than harm.  A bit more expansive awareness is called for, but that you are integrating as we speak.

Several more important ‘upgrades’ are to be experienced in the remaining part of your month.  These are very big changes you have brought on, and we congratulate you for learning to integrate them more smoothly.  Many of the painful symptoms you were experiencing have begun to subside.  You are, as you say, ‘over the hump’.  The key is your acceptance.  There have been those who volunteered to be ‘guinea pigs’, as we believe you call them.  They took on these things in advance so that you would have less pain and discomfort at this time.  They should receive your gratitude.  Now, as you begin to follow in their footsteps, please understand that you are entering realms of awareness you may not have ever experienced in this lifetime.  You may experience, or see others experience, remarkable things.  You are not going crazy.  You are going sane.  And you quite likely will experience things your friends do not, just as you likely will not experience exactly what they do.  That is no different from your prior experience, is it?

We have told you before to accept.  As you do that, we have a further idea for you.  Play with it.  Find out who and what you are.  Find out what you can do.  Say to yourselves, “If I can do that, then I can…”.  Finish that for yourself.  Have fun!  That is what your life is supposed to be for.

We offer you all of our support and send you love and light.  We will speak tomorrow.

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