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We will now speak of the abilities you are acquiring which will allow you to live happier and longer lives.  Not long ago your scientists discovered DNA.  Within your memories, they discovered the codings which they claimed control most of the attributes of your bodies.  By far the largest portion of your DNA they proclaimed to be junk.  Anything your DNA caused in you was thought to be an uncontrollable condition.  Sorry about that.  It’s in your DNA.

Now some scientists are beginning to discover that what is in those codes can be changed and that perhaps there is less junk there than they realized.  We assure you that Creator does not waste effort on junk.  There is nothing at all about you that is junk.  Your DNA is an exquisite system of switches that can be turned on or off as needed.  Many, many of your capabilities have not been needed in this third dimensional existence.  Others were disabled intentionally by those in your past who needed to control you.  Since you are basically beings created around sparks of God, as some have termed it, this could never have been permanent.

Everything has been tried to keep you from reaching the inevitable flowering into your true potential.  Everything appeared to be working out just fine.  But unfortunately, Divine Will always overcomes any obstacle.

It has always been the intent of your Creator that you return to the magnificence of your true selves, and that you bring with you all the knowledge and wisdom you have acquired along the way.  All of you have heard stories, read books, and seen perhaps for yourselves, the abilities of a few seemingly unique individuals to do amazing things.  Some were so amazing that you still call them miracles.  There are things which you do not understand.  There are laws which you have never considered.  There are effects, the causes of which you are unaware.  In fact, there is quite a bit of your own existence of which, quite frankly, you do not yet have a clue.

Some of the things which you will find yourselves able to accomplish will astound you.  Yet, for others in this universe, they would seem commonplace.  Usually the mere observation of another doing something is enough to make a complete change your belief systems.  One man running a four minute mile changed everything.  Children seeing a person bend spoons or willing objects to move will quite often be doing it themselves in minutes.  You are about to encounter the manifestation of abilities you thought of as dreams or hoaxes.  And many of you will live long enough to have these for yourselves.  Even some who now consider themselves as advanced in age will find themselves living far into this century.

Likewise the technological advances which are brought before you in the next months and years will be based upon science which is literally light years ahead of your current understandings.

We come now to the place where we must use one of our favorite words, accept.  There are some who will not.  Just as some refused to get into an automobile or to board an airplane, there will be some who resist everything we are speaking of.  Those who can accept with open arms and gratitude, another favorite word, will find their lives completely changed seemingly overnight.  We see many words falling into disuse in your immediate future.  Drudgery is one of them.  Being able to afford something will not be a consideration in your future.  Not having the time will likewise be obsolete.

We are placing dreams in front of you again.  We always do that, don’t we?  It is to help you manifest these things for yourselves that we do this.  We know how powerful you are, even if you do not.  We will soon be able to hear you say, “Look what we did.”  That will be much better than having you say, “Look what they did for us.”  We are doing much, yes; but you are doing everything of which you are currently capable, and that is as it should be.

We will return tomorrow, my friends.  Good day.

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