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We will speak more on the subject of self-worth this morning.  There is no way to stress this too much.  You may understand this better if you look upon yourselves as cells in the manifest being of your Creator.  Source loves every part of itself unconditionally.  You, in your every moment are a part of that.

This struggle that you term ascension is exactly the struggle to remember it.  You may choose to think of the concept of separation as an ailment to be healed.  Each and every experience or manifestation that you think of as undesirable has been drawn to you for the express purpose of learning something.  At the very least, it motivates you.  Without the experience of the less desirable you would have no concept of, nor desire to seek, the better.  Do you see?

You have been mired in deep negativity for thousands of your years, a blink of an eye, but seemingly an eternity for you.  You have lost your way back to Creator, or so it seemed.  In actuality, you were never lost, nor could you ever be.  Your return was decreed from the start.  When the memory of those times comes rushing back to you, you will realize your eternal connection to your Source.  Your joy will be as nothing you have ever experienced, and will be so precisely because of those experiences.  Your ability and desire to bring every other being to your state of bliss and unity will likewise be heightened.  You will then have come to understand the value of each of the things you condemned in your past.

As you look around you, try to see the value of the lessons you see others teaching themselves.  See them for who they really are, not what they seem to be.  It is not necessary to agree, condone, or even allow what they are doing.  But learn not to condemn the being, but the act.  Remember, they will answer to themselves in the end.  They are as loved of Creator as anyone.

You, with all your little seeming imperfections are perfect just as you are.  Why?  Because you are who you are, you are changing and learning in every moment, and you are, right this moment, all you have ever been and all you will ever choose to be.  You are perfect.  Love that.  That person next to you is all they have ever been and all they will ever choose to be, as well.  We promise you, they have been a loving farmer and a passionless killer.  They have been a compassionate sharer if all they had and a hoarder of all they touched.  They have loved and they have hated.  And they will return to Source in their time, just as you will, just as you have chosen to do.

Put your thoughts on the goal of your ascension to full consciousness, dear hearts.  Do not waiver.  And speed yourselves along by finding the value and love of who you are.  Do you see something you are not in love with?  If you do, allow it to return to the light and put your attention back on your goal.  Not much longer will it be before you will manifest yourselves exactly as you wish.  Do not spend time on what you do not like in yourself.  You have learned not to do that in your outer world, have you not?  The same applies in your inner world.  Look, recognize, release.  Put your attention back on that which you want more of.  Find your worth.  In the end, it will be far greater than you have an idea of this day.

We love you deeply and await you with open arms.  We will speak again tomorrow, dear ones.

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