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We will speak today on the subject of usury.  Many in your country remember when there were laws governing the maximum amount of interest that could be charged.  Anything higher was called usury.  Today’s charges often exceed twice those allowable amounts.

You are told that such high rates are necessary for the economy.  They are necessary in order to keep the wealthy in receipt of more and more of the world’s resources.  More than a few of those whom you admire and fawn upon spend more upon a week’s short vacation than you earn in a year of hard work.  You are told it is because they work harder and produce more.  Many of those wealthy persons even believe that.  We find it unsettling that anyone could spend many thousands of times the price of a good meal for things totally unnecessary when millions of souls have nothing at all to eat for that day.  We find it unsettling that anyone would feel justified in then demanding more recompense for making less contribution to the whole.

Gambling with the welfare of millions of others is not a contribution to the whole regardless of how one chooses to paint it.  We believe you have a term that a painted pig is just a pig.  Actually the pig is probably poorly served in the comparison.  However, one must realize that as long as the society as a whole allows these things to happen, there will be those who feel they have permission to behave in this way.  Not only do you allow such things to happen, but you have television programs and magazines to worship such behavior.  Would you then allow yourselves to behave in those very same ways if given the opportunity?  Please look closely at that question before casting stones at those who do.

Nevertheless, such a situation needs to be rectified immediately in order to pave the way for the needed rebirth of the planet.  Changes in your societies’ structures must be made, but also changes in priorities need to be made, as well.  The latter changes, the societal priorities, begin internally with each of you.  We see these changes well in progress.  You are indeed waking up.  Many are still blaming, but a great many are also beginning to take responsibility.  Brave young people with very old souls are these.

The timbers of the old structure are creaking mightily even now.  Could any of those in their creaking towers allow, or even aid, the necessary changes to be made, smooth and nearly painless pathways to a healthy world could be found even now.  It is taking immense effort to stave off the inevitable.  Imagine all of that effort being made to benefit the whole planet.

We urge you to continue uniting in purpose, particularly on the upcoming transit, to build energy and support for those involved in creating the change you desire.  Send intent for peaceful and smooth birth of your new world, a world where the lives, the freedom, and the value of each individual are foremost.

We remain in steadfast support.  We assure you that the intent of Heaven is the return of your earth to her place as your peaceful and beautiful home, and your return to your full potentials.

Go in peace.  We will speak again tomorrow.

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