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Our topic today will be the willingness of your societies to sacrifice the lives of your young ones to accomplish the goals of the elites.  Long years ago, young men were forced to serve in armies to keep themselves and their families safe and fed.

Over the centuries the elites have learned to enlist the willingness of both the young and their families for the same purposes.  First they invent ways to portray the intended enemy as fearsome and malevolent, then they reluctantly produce plans and means to keep you safe by attacking those imagined enemies.  If necessary, they have many times staged events to ignite retaliatory fervor in the mass consciousness.  They have done this so often now that it goes almost unquestioned by the majority of their populations.

Today however, their frantic need to ignite a massive conflict has resulted in their making no effort at all to secure the approval of the populace.  It appears as though they are willing to start a conflict which could easily escalate into a world-wide war even though it is obvious that their citizens are sick of all the killing and the devastation of the planet.  Their motives and methods having been exposed, they rush blindly ahead with no regard to the wishes of those they pretend to serve.  It is obvious to them that they, after all, know what is best.

Be not in fear, dear ones.  The time of such chicanery is past.  They know well, for they have been told, that such machinations will not be allowed.  Yet they will continue such attempts to their last gasp.  They have already been thwarted over and over, yet they seem to believe they just need to try harder.  All they are succeeding at is exposing themselves for what they have always been.

We are not asking for revolution nor confrontation, dear ones.  We are promising you that the combined intent of yourselves and those on our side of the remaining shreds of veil will result in their efforts dissolving into nothing.  We have shown them over and over that the time for such things is now past.  It shall not be.

Join together in groups large and small, as you have learned to do, and focus intently on the peaceful and free world you have decreed, and this is what will be delivered unto you.  Love your world, love yourselves, and love your neighbors and the killing will cease.  It is time.  Bring the love and the power of your Creator to bear and create the world you desire.  Your gift to the universe will be a planet forever at peace, increasing in beauty, and shining its love throughout the heavens.

Be now the strongest of the strong and the bravest of the brave.  Dare to love your world.

We are everywhere with you, bonding our hearts to yours.  Feel our presence and be at peace.  We will speak with you tomorrow.

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